Thursday, May 28, 2009

Magalog 5/6 Mark Cosmetics Order!

Just wanted to post pictures from my Magalog 5/6 mark cosmetics order. I ordered a few new products along with some older goodies I needed to stock up on.

I always get so giddy when I open a mark package

My new mark products all boxed up

Mark's new Get-a-Tint tinted moisturizer

Mark Winkstick Hook Up Eye Shadow Stick in Demure

Mark Good Glowing Mosiac Blush in Chica

Mark Lash Splash Hook Up Waterproof Mascara in Blue Black
Mark Waterproof Scandalash Hook Up Mascara in Blue Black

Mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder in Pro Golden

Okay, my product reviews:

mark Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15: I actually ordered this product for my sister and it definitely was NOT my shade. I tried a bit on and it was much too orange for me. She ordered the Honey/Golden shade and it worries me since mark only has 4 shades available for this product (when the previous tinted moisturizer C Thru U had 8). I think the next lightest shade Buff/Natural could be too light for me, at least for summer. Frustrating! I just ordered mark's C Thru U in Natural before it gets discontinued (now on clearance in the LAST CHANCE section, stock up now!). My sister did like Get A Tint though. She said it gave very light coverage and the tint evened out her skintone just enough, but she would need to use a separate concealer for any spots she wanted to cover. This product also contains SPF 15 which is definitely a necessity for summer.

mark Winkstick Eye Shadow Hook Up Stick in Demure: This is a creamy eye shadow stick in a gold shade. I got it to use for the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up and it does the job well. I like how I can easily apply it directly from the stick by just dabbing it on (don't need to use any brushes). This is a good grab & go product. The only thing I did notice was that this shade seemed drier than previous winksticks I've used. Wonder if I got an old batch or this shade is less creamy since it does contain shimmer.

mark Good Glowing Mosiac Blush in Chica: I really love mark's blushes. They are definitely at the top of my list for my favorite mark products for their quality and shade selection. I think they have better color payoff than the i-mark eyeshadows and Chica is no exception. I would describe this shade as a shimmery bronzed peach. I took two pictures, one without flash to show the color and one with the flash to show the shimmer.

mark Lash Splash Hook Up Waterproof Mascara in Blue Black: Mark had the Lash Splash mascara available a couple years ago and I didn't notice that this "new" Lash Splash was a different formula or anything. This is the same mascara wand as the Scandalash Hook Up Mascara. I WISH they would make a waterproof Make It Big mascara (hint hint mark!). I'm a huge fan of Make It Big by the way. I think that volumized lashes have a bigger impact than long lashes on me, and Make It Big makes my lashes just as full as Benefit Bad Gal mascara for way less money. Anyway, back to Lash Splash. I wore this to a recent pool party and no raccoon eyes for me. However, as I was attempting to take pictures for y'all I noticed that after a bit the color on the wand turned from blue-black to just plain black so I'm assuming it might have the same effect on your lashes as it oxidizes. No biggie, black lashes are a good look! But I wouldn't buy this if you want blue lashes. For that I would stick to mark's scandalash in Indigo. See what I mean:

mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder in Pro Golden: Mark just came out with two new shades of their popular Bronze Pro product: Pro Glow and Pro Golden. I ordered the Pro Golden shade which is the darker of the two. Pro Glow is a lighter shade bronzer which is perfect for fair skin and won't give you that orange look most other bronzers will. To me, Pro Golden is the exact same shade as the regular Bronze Pro except it has shimmer while Bronze Pro is matte. Pro Golden looks quite shimmery in the container but once applied the shimmer was very subtle on me--I couldn't even really notice it without looking really close in the mirror. Pro Golden is a great bronzer but if you already have Bronze Pro I don't see any need to rush out to buy this one since it's not drastically different. But if you're a makeup addict like me then you might want to invest in this one too since the shimmer gives a subtle glow but in no way makes you look like you're off to a rave with big sparkles on your face like other shimmer bronzers I've had the misfortune of trying... Here are some pictures comparing the two side by side:

*Pro Golden is on the right

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